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How can a solenoid valve manufacturer tell if the valve body is damaged?

2022-05-12 14:56:55

Intake solenoid valve is broken, there are three key factors, one is the route of the intake solenoid valve and no AC power according to the route of the problem to carry out maintenance can be. The second is the interface of the air inlet solenoid valve occurred poor contact phenomenon condition, just need to the false connection to tighten the connection can be. The third is the intake solenoid valve itself damaged problem, only it must be removed and replaced. Intake solenoid valve is broken 1 of the main performance are.

1, the car staff will smell the heavy rubber smell.

2, the engine occurs in abnormal work or engine energy is not good.

3, the inductor monitors the amount of air intake deviation.

4, the engine engine shaking, more serious cases will also run the car difficult;.

5, the engine is unstable at standby speed, when the speed is high and low.

6, the engine is very easy to happen engine stall, accelerate the situation powerless.

The primary function of the vehicle solenoid valve is to open and turn off the transformation, the spool is electromagnetically induced adsorption force formed by the electric flow in the solenoid coil to attract, there are two kinds of open and close and normally open and normally closed. Because of the solenoid valve spool and rotary vane pump set in the middle of the gap is not large, if the grease is not enough or friction is not good enough to fall into the machine commandments residue is very easy to jam, stuck after the solenoid valve must be disassembled to clean up, to promote the normal work of the solenoid valve.

Solenoid valve manufacturer how to distinguish whether the valve body is damaged?


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