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  • 苏州Pinch valve

    Features: 1. Pinch valve, silent

             2. Suitable for medical industry, beverage machine industry

    Medium: Oxygen, water, etc.

    Pressure: 0MPa ~ 0.2MPa

    Connection: Clamped tube outer diameter 6mm, inner diameter 3.5mm

    Voltage: DC-24V/12V

    Range: ±10% 

    Coil: SB01B, 12W(DC), IP65 100%ED 

    Material: Valve body - aluminum

             Magnetic isolation tube - SUS304 

             Dynamic core - JL31B

             Static core - JL31B

  • 苏州Proportional Valves

    Characteristics: Flow rate shows linear change by current control

    Medium: Air

    Fluid temperature: -30~ 150 ° C

    Pressure: 0~0.8MPa

    Connection: G1/8

    Through diameter: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 mm

    Voltage: DC24V range: +10%

    Coil: YJ2B, (DC) 4W, IP65, 100%ED

    Material: Valve body-H59-1


              Magnetic isolation tube-SUS304

              Dynamic core-JL31B

              Static core-JL31B

  • 苏州mini valve

    Features: 1. direct-acting, low power, suitable for long working hours

             2. Solenoid valve for ventilator

    Medium: Air, oxygen, etc.

    Fluid temperature: Viton/NBR:-30~80℃

    Pressure: 0~6bar

    Connection size: M5,G1/8''

    Diameter (mm): 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6,2.0

    Voltage: DC - 24V/12V

    Range: +10%

    Coil: SB91B, 4W (DC), IP65, 100% ED

    Material: Valve body - Brass

             Seals - Viton/NBR

             Magnetic isolation tube - Stainless steel 304 

             Dynamic core - 1J117

             Static core - 1J117

             Spring - Stainless steel 304


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About us

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