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Solenoid valve manufacturer how to determine the valve is good or bad?

2022-05-10 15:17:44

A, first check whether the solenoid valve solenoid coil common failure?

Data signal on the DCS to open or close the two-position valve, and then check whether the solenoid valve to lose power, generally in the field to listen to the sound. If you can not hear, the coil must have some problem, for the solenoid valve itself whether there is any problem? (expressed below)

If there is a problem with the solenoid coil, first check whether the wiring has a virtual connection or short-circuit fault. If there is no problem in the route, the solenoid valve coil will be burned out. You can remove the wiring of the solenoid valve and measure with a multimeter. If the lead circuit, the double electric control solenoid valve coil will be burned out. Therefore, the coil back to moisture, resulting in poor insulation and leakage, resulting in excessive flow and damage within the coil, to avoid damage to the magnetic valve. In addition, the torsion spring is solid, the recoil is too large, the coil coil turns are too few, the adsorption force is not enough can also prompt the coil damage.

Second, if the coil is good, that is the solenoid valve itself.

You can generally adjust the manual adjustment from 1 to 0 part, so that the valve open. If you can open, the coil is indeed the problem. Change a coil on the line. If it does not open, remove the solenoid valve to see if the valve core is stuck or clogged with particles. ccl4 should be used for proper cleaning. However, if there is no standard on site, you can use automotive gasoline. There really is no running water. After cleaning, you can use a field dash for drying. When disassembling, try to remember the order of each component. If you do not pay attention, it is easy to make mistakes during installation. If the order is wrong, even if you clean the diesel solenoid valve, even if the solenoid valve has been opened, it can not be opened!

Solenoid valve manufacturer how to determine the good and bad of the valve? 


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