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What is the function of the solenoid valve

2022-01-26 13:22:52

    Explosion-proof solenoid valve has been following the extremely stringent protection level specification in Europe and the United States, the standard protection level has 9 major zones, from explosion-proof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, positive pressure type, oil type, sand-filled mold, non-sparking type, casting type, gas-tight type to sealing, explosion-proof solenoid valve in the natural gas, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, mining and other fields have a very deep-seated use.

    Why explosion-proof type.

    Flammable and explosive substances:Many manufacturing sites are caused by a number of flammable substances. Three solenoid valve coal mining industry mines about two-thirds of the site has explosive substances; chemical industry, about more than 80% of the production line area has explosive substances.

    o2: oxygen in the air is everywhere.

    Ignition sources: in the production process of a large number of applications instrumentation equipment, gas alarm solenoid valve a variety of friction sparks, mechanical equipment damage sparks, electrostatic induction sparks, high temperature, etc. is difficult to avoid, especially when the instrument panel, electrical equipment generated problems. Objective nature of many industrial production on the spot to the occurrence of explosive standards.

    When the explosive substances and o2 mixed concentration value in the explosion category, if there is an explosion source, an explosion may occur. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof type seems very necessary.

    When plugged in, the magnetic field force to open the dominant hole, the upper chamber pressure quickly reduced, the pressure difference around the closing member is not high, the liquid pressure to promote the closing member to move up, the gate valve open;.

    Close the power, torsion spring force to the dominant hole closed, the channel pressure according to the side buried hole fast chamber in the shut-off pieces around the lower low up high pressure difference, liquid pressure to promote the shut-off pieces move downward, close the gate valve.


What is the function of the solenoid valve


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