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Proportional solenoid valves can also be used in the industrial sector!

2022-05-11 15:12:36

Explosion-proof solenoid valve in the industrial production of industrial equipment by the pro-gaze, explosion-proof solenoid valve to enhance the field between a variety of limited, in the volume, materials, wiring, substances, temperature, working voltage, explosion-proof level and other areas of proactive collaboration with combustible gases, fumes and dust natural environment, gas filling stations, steam filling stations and other areas of collaboration has been a long period of rapid development and development, in recent years along with the industrial plants, production plants and other office environments The demand for higher and higher, clean room, harmless treatment, dry humidity, intelligent systems and other needs more demanding, Taiming explosion-proof solenoid valve proactive collaboration with customers, and gradually improve product quality, continuous product development of new products.

High pressure, explosion-proof series of solenoid valve brand manufacturers, China's high-voltage explosion-proof solenoid valve manufacturers well-known brands, IICT4-IICT5-CT6 series of explosion-proof specifications; explosion-proof solenoid valve electromagnetic coil housing with the air pressure to bear the effectiveness of the explosion, and the vapor explosive kinetic energy transmission with blocking effect, high safety factor, explosion-proof vacuum solenoid valve commonly used in the transmission of flammable and explosive substances or The company's product development of explosion-proof series vacuum solenoid valve is widely used in crude oil petrochemical, combustible gases, fumes and dust, metallurgical industry and other transport pipelines and automation machinery industry, explosion-proof solenoid valve model specifications are available to ensure quality, high pressure explosion-proof solenoid valve manufacturers supply, affordable prices, highly recognized by customers and five-star praise.

In the industrial sector can also use proportional solenoid valve!


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