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Online business

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First, free registration members - > login members
Two, browse merchandise > select merchandise click "buy now" - click "continue shopping" button > choose other commodities.
Three, in the state of the member landing, click the "shopping cart" to see all your selected items, you can continue to add items, can also delete items, modify the number of items, final confirmation
After good, click "pay the bill", fill in the consignee detailed information (if the payer and the consignee is not the same person, please fill in details, special attention to the delivery customer), according to the confirmation.
Four, take the initiative to contact the station to confirm the order or wait for the customer service personnel to check the order.
Five. Complete payment (bank remittance, transfer, Alipay timely to account) according to the amount of order after check.
Six, payment notice will be delivered within 24 hours according to your requirements.
Seven, waiting for the receipt of the goods, the transaction completed


Address:No. 65, Xingzhu Road, Ma Zhu Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang