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Transaction terms

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1. order restriction
Yongchuang electronic commerce, all products are directly produced, packed and shipped by our factory.
2. pricing and commodity state
The pricing and commodity status of the product are marked after each commodity in the e-commerce network and free of charge for registered members. The information will be changed at any time and no notice will be given (we will try to ensure the accuracy of the information). If there is an accident, after the confirmation of your order, the price changes, the network will notify you through the email, when the network does not cancel the order, let you decide whether to cancel the order.
3. to delivery
When you confirm the order, please contact our staff immediately, confirm the order number, quantity, amount, remittance bank and account, the name of the consignee, the telephone. The address and other details, the freight charges are taken by us and the express cost is discussed separately. (see the delivery mode or the transport description for details).
4. collect goods
When the consignment company arrives at the designated place, the consignee will call the consignee to bring the relevant personal documents to the designated place to pick up the goods.


Address:No. 65, Xingzhu Road, Ma Zhu Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang