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Bank remittance
We have accounts in ICBC, Bank of communications and Agricultural Bank. You can choose bank remittance nearby.
Bank remittance account: (remittance, please bring your own identity card. You need to produce your ID card when remitting money).
Industrial and Commercial Bank: 390131000900104800 Name: YONGCHUANG SOLENOID VALVE CO.,LTD.
All bank opening banks are Yuyao branch
Note on bank remittance:
First, customers are advised to open the online banking function to the bank so that payment can be transferred online directly, which is very convenient and the service charge is lower.
Post office remittance (postal remittance is more cumbersome, and can not arrive in time, so the preferred bank remittance) is recommended.
Explanation: after a long time to send remittances to the account, and after receiving the remittance notice of the post office, it can confirm the remittance, generally to a week or so, so we suggest that the bank should be used as much as possible.
The way of remittance.
Alipay (instant to account)
Alipay account: oscar1992@sina.com
After confirmation, we will contact you directly to confirm the specific issue of the shipment.


Address:No. 65, Xingzhu Road, Ma Zhu Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang