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Yongchuang is committed to the product development, production and sales of solenoid valve and electromagnetic pump industry.
1. technician
Require a bachelor's degree in mechanical design, familiar with AUTOCAD, one of the other PROE/SOLIDWORKS/UG design software, and at least two years of work experience in this industry.
2. foreign trade sales
Familiar with international trade related knowledge, familiar with mechanical industry related knowledge, fluent English speaking, reading and writing ability, at least two years experience in foreign trade.
3. domestic trade and sales
Understand the domestic market, be familiar with the mechanical industry related knowledge, have good communication skills, strong market development ability, at least two years sales experience.
4. professional mechanic
According to factory orders, long-term recruitment of professional technicians, men and women is not limited, have practical assembly work experience is preferred.
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Phone: 0574-62505892
E-mail:yl@ycdcf.com (Mark: apply)


Address:No. 65, Xingzhu Road, Ma Zhu Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang