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Common problem

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1. how do we know whether the Yongchuang staff have received the order after the network has placed the order?
After the order of the network, your order information will automatically enter our company's ERP system. The staff will notify you by short message and confirm the contents of the order. After confirmation, you will send the final order to Email by fax or fax.
2. after payment, how to be informed of the delivery
Yongchuang staff will notify you of delivery time, estimated time of arrival and contact telephone number by SMS. We will inform you of the details of the goods in Email.
Why 3. price information can't be seen
The price of permanent creation is open to the members approved by the audit. As long as you pass the company's audit, you will browse the price of all the goods provided by the company, as well as the various preferential activities.
4. how many levels of business membership do you create? How do you enjoy it at all levels?
At present, the members of the permanent business are divided into three categories: Ordinary members, gold medals, wholesalers. Each level is determined by my company in accordance with the time, credit, and market prospects of the company.


Address:No. 65, Xingzhu Road, Ma Zhu Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang